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Welcome to T.N.B law college , Bhagalpur

TNB Law College, Bhagalpur (Bihar) is a constituent unit of the Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University. The College indeed has been equipped fully to render quality education to make professionals in law, Social Work and train them to become globally ready to step into profession successfully with dignity. The vision is to enrich the college for making it capable of conducting higher academic research, social research as well as project work. upgrade the legal education to Post-Graduate Legal Education.
TNB Law College Bhagalpur has become a force to reckon with in imparting legal education. The college strives hard to shape up its students well so that they can face the challenges of a fast paced neo-world in a befitting manner. The college promotes multi-dimensional legal education with a multidisciplinary inquiry and practical appreciation of problems coupled with moot court sessions and case studies that makes learning at TNB Law College Bhagalpur a unique experience. I am sure that the students will have a bright law career and they will measure up to the expectations and high standards demanded by the legal profession.
The sole motto of this institution is to guarantee access to legal education to people in general including the poor and downtrodden in eastern India, especially in the state of Bihar, Bengal and Jharkhand, with an emphasis on quality legal education. One of the most important objectives of imparting quality legal education is to strengthen the administration of justice system in India by providing learned advocates at Bar and Judges in the Bench. In addition to it such students, who has interest in other jobs may be nurture for the service of corporate sector, military services, government offices, as law officer, legal advisor and legal assistant etc. Now a days the knowledge of law also creates a perfect citizen of the nation and plays a very important role in the legislative functioning of the state.
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